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Address of Koronu Pin Code

  • Pincode : 792110
  • Postal Region Name : Shillong hq region
  • Postal Division Name : Arunachal pradesh division
  • Office Name : Koronu
  • Office Type : BO
  • Delivery Status : Delivery
  • District: Lower dibang valley
  • State Name : Arunachal pradesh

About Pincode

      The Pincode system came into function on 15 august 1972 in India. Pincode stands for Postal Index Number code, also known as zip code or area postal code. This Pincode is introduced to simplify the manual sorting and eliminate confusion during the delivery of mails.  
      The Pincode contains six-digit, and each digit consists of a specific indication. The first digit of the Pincode indicates the zone. For example: if the first digit is 1 or 2, then it indicates the north zone, 3 and 4 indicates the west zone, 5 and 6 indicates the south, 7 and 8 indicate the east zone, and finally 9 indicates the army postal service and field post office of both state and union territories. 
      The second digit of the pin indicates the sub-zone, the third digit indicates the sorting district, and the final three digits indicate the sorted region's post office. 
      Indiapincodes.net provides the updated list of all the Pincodes in India. It not only provides the Pincodes, but it also provides:

  • The postal region name.
  • Division name.
  • Office name and type.
  • Delivery status of the region.
  • The district to which the region belongs.
  • The state of the region.

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About Koronu Pincode

     The Koronu Pincode is 792110, which comes under the postal region of Shillong hq region. Arunachal pradesh division  is the postal division of this Pincode, where it indicates the Koronu post office. The office type is a BO where the delivery status is delivery. It is an updated list where the district of Koronu is Lower dibang valley which comes under the state of  Arunachal pradesh.
     The first digit, 7 represents the state of the region of Arunachal pradesh. The second digit 9 denotes the Shillong hq region. The third-digit 2 indicates the district Lower dibang valley and 110 denotes the particular post office name Koronu . You can easily find all the Pincodes and details about Pincode just by entering the area name or Pincode.


1. Which district does Koronu belong to?

Lower dibang valley district

2. Whether this Pincode search available only for Arunachal pradesh?

No, you can find the Pincodes for all over India.

3. What region does Koronu belong to?

Lower dibang valley

4. What is the postal division of Koronu?

Arunachal pradesh division

5. Can I get the map location of Koronu?

Yes, you can get it by clicking here.

Short Info About Koronu